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4 Day Workshop



Build and fly your own drone! Engage in a workshop to build your own Flone-Drone from a kit of parts, learn to solder the components, assemble the frame as well as program the circuit boards. Then let it fly!!  The group workshop is an intensive 4 days situated in the 140 hectares at Valldaura Labs. Participants have the option to stay at Valldaura with accommodation, food and drone kit included.

The 4 day workshop with Lot Amoros and Alexandre oliver will also include drone - fu and piloting practise as well as a number of lectures and mapping exercises.  During the second half of the event we will be joined by Luis Fraguada from IAAC who will give a lecture about his work with Landscape Visualisation and Modelling Lab. Together we will generate an opensource point cloud scan of the site.

All participants will take home their own flone- drone and will receive the mapping data that we generate during the event. Both individuals and Groups are welcome. 

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Jonathan Minchin

Lot Amoros

Alexandre Oliver

Luis Fraguada




10 Drone kits to be made.

Groups of makers welcome.




Accommodation 3 nights included.

Materials and Kits included.

Machine use included.

Tuition and education programme.

Food = Breakfast Lunch and Dinner Included  x 4 days




Saturday 31 _ 05 _2014 Introductions


-Participants arrive on saturday morning. Take part in a tour of the site. 

-A presentation about drones Use / History / Future + schedule of work.

-Kits are received and laid out for assembly.  


-Soldering classes and work Begins!



Sunday 1_ 06_2014 Make day! 


-Breakfast then Drone fu.

-Continue soldering,  (this will only take some hours)



-Film involving drones


Monday 2_06_2014 Debugging and Pilot Classes


-Continue to make, debugging and fixes.

-Piloting classes. 

-Mapping tests and installations the area


Tuesday 03_06_2014 Fly Day and Lecture from Luis Fraguada


-Fly day!  We are joined by Luis Fraguada and James Melson team

-All mapping,  sharing data

-Concluding with Luis Fraguada and their demonstration.  (IAAC / FAB students invited)

-Drinks with Drones


Print outs and files of the scans we make will be compiled and shared with the group.

Flone Maker (€550.00)
Traveller (€350.00)
Team member [Flone Maker] (€300.00)
Team member [Traveller] (€100.00)

Sales stopped

May 31, 2014 - June 03, 2014 (GMT +01:00 Madrid)

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Valldaura Labs
Ctra. Horta-Cerdanyola
BV-1415. km 7
08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès
Barcelona – Spain

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